Go Serve with these Mission Organizations in the U.S.A.

There are plenty of mission organizations to choose from, each with different goals and value statements. Here is a list of some of the more popular mission trip organizations in the United States.

Disclaimer: We are listing these organizations for you to consider and do your own research on. We are not necessarily recommending any of the below mentioned organizations.

Within the U.S.A are plenty of mission organizations. This is a quick list of a few of them that are working in various countries for the betterment of communities they engage with.

Many of the organizations provide various mission opportunities for all types of volunteers including students, full-time employed personnel, and everyone in-between, including internship opportunities.

Here is the list of some of the popular mission trip organizations in the U.S.A that offer short-term and longer-term mission trip opportunities:

Some organizations on this list cater to specific demographics or skills, focusing on training youth as leaders, experiencing urban communities, and using specific skills of trade professionals on the mission field. Some also work specifically within certain fields, like medical or construction. While others focus solely on church planting, evangelism, or relief work.

Take time to understand and properly research whichever organization you wish to consider serving with, and read-up on the common questions that people have before going on a missions trip.

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I am a freelance writer who loves to share the passion I have for Christ and His mission. My work centers around outreach and missions, with a special focus on encouraging the missionary journey that all believers are called to take part in.

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